The New Sushi

insect sushi

America had a hard time embracing the initial upsurge of sushi. In any other restaurant, looking down at a plate of uncooked fish meant the chef failed big time. Either that, or we’d eat it as a novelty. But then slowly the benefits and culinary acceptance began sinking in.

Crazy as this sounds, that’s exactly the next direction Westerners will take with insects. High in protein. Sustainable. It’s our food of the future. Read how.

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World Cell Race

cell-teaserTime has rapidly flown by  sitting in the Associate Editor chair at YS Magazine. (Getting a drag queen bingo host on the front cover takes a lot of work.) But occasionally I’ll get the chance to freelance for WIRED … And, speaking of fast moving things, here’s my newest piece about the World Cell Race this October, which takes place on a microns-long racetrack. Giddyap!

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A Moveable Fest

mf_ddp_largeIt’s with great honor, and even greater delay, that I get to post my first feature story for WIRED magazine. Writing about Decentralized Dance Parties, and traveling in a CanaDream RV on a non-stop party adventure was one of the most heart-warmingly absurd things I’ve done … I only hope things get weirder from here on out.

Read here for more on the lo-fi, phenomenal abandon that is the DDP.

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This Xmas, Choose Your Own

This minute, I’m caught between music tracks: Neil Diamond’s “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and Augie Rios’ “Donde Esta Santa Claus?” … sweet Jebus, please, help me.

More importantly, I’ve just learned that the Choose Your Own Adventure classic Underground Kingdom by Edward Packard will be making it’s way to the app store early December courtesy of the fine team at Visual Baker.

There’s no gift like reading a CYOA. One minute you’re merrily hiking mountains in Earth’s inner core, and then, with a page turn, floating listlessly in space (or a number of other outlandish, catastrophic tropes).

Should a beloved aunt send you an iTunes gift card, be sure to give this app a try. Do it!

Oh, and here’s a WIRED essay I wrote CYOA style. (On zine stands, still!)

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Ace Science

Hiya, there! Long time, no post. Here’s another from the WIRED files detailing the physics behind the “perfect” tennis serve. A shout out to two phenomena who helped this story: 1) the Magnus effect, of course, and 2) my sister Kristen, who speaks science fluently and helped translate this quasi-familiar language.

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Digital Swan Songs

The part of technology that proves silence is golden. Here, a collection of bygone clankers.

A generation of electronics is going extinct, and its death rattle sounds like a rotary phone. Or the static of a cathode-ray-tube TV. Or the banshee screech of a dot-matrix printer. For many of us, those sounds can elicit waves of nostalgia, yet as new technology becomes sleek and silent, we’re in danger of losing those sense memories. Thankfully, three friends are taking steps to preserve the soundtrack of bygone eras. Welcome to the Museum of Endangered Sounds.


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At Night, After the Summer Swelter…

photo via WIRED

Reach for some of the darkest bevvies possible. Bubbles aplenty.

Canned lagers are fine for surviving the heat of day, but come sunset, you’ll want something more substantial to help you bring on the night. 

1// Stone Smoked Porter
Perfect for: Campfire raconteuring … and maybe s’mores.
Geek factor: This robust brew achieves mellow smokiness with peat-dried malted barley from Great Britain—a process shared with Islay whiskey distilleries. Pairs swimmingly with grilled meats. Then again, what doesn’t?
5.9% abv, $5 (22 oz.) | Stone Smoked Porter


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