Hey hey! I’m a Denver-based magazine journalist orbiting around the fringes of science and culture.

I frequently contribute to WIRED, and have written for Los Angeles MagazineOnion A.V. Club5280 (upcoming), and BEER. I was also an editor & writer for Boulder County’s Yellow Scene Magazine until 2014 when I pursued freelance writing. While there, I managed putting a bingo drag queen on a cover thus achieving a life goal.

My WIRED stories cover a gamut of intrigue from cloud speakers, bug sushi, and Darwin’s little-known toiling with facial expressions to my feature story on the banana-clad madness of Decentralized Dance Parties.

Above all else, I seek compelling stories of obsessed people doing curious things. In fact, I’m currently doing research for a non-fiction book that does exactly that. More on that soon…

If you have any interesting leads, weird stories, or want to chat about comic books, holler at me any time!

Chipped tooth courtesy of a motorized bicycle.

Chipped tooth courtesy of a motorized bicycle.

email: dave.macneal@gmail.com

twitter: @wonkydavid